Fight Like a Knight

Fight Like a Knight (FLaK) is Los Angeles’ only school of authentic medieval combat. Taking techniques informed by historical documents, cultivated through thousands of unchoreographed, full-speed, full-contact engagements, and imbued with modern-day kinesthetics, students learn a highly-dynamic, period martial-art that is unavailable from any other school of the sword.

FLaK Core Class

The FLaK core classes are for adults (age 15 and up) who are actors/performers, medieval enthusiasts, martial-artists or anyone enchanted by the dance of the sword.

FLaK also offers Squires and Swordmaidens, a program geared for children (ages 5 to 14) where authentic medieval sword-fighting is
blended with honor, sportsmanship, etiquette and chivalry.

If you are looking to boost the cache of your resume, or just do something completely different and altogether romantic, historical and alluring, then RSVP today for a free-trial lesson through our MeetUp page or by emailing!